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OCEM Power Electronics is delighted to announce the award of a new contract through MULTI ELECTRIC, our sister company located in Chicago USA.

The contract is another result of the long-standing relationship between OCEM and MULTI ELECTRIC, part of the Aretè & Cocchi Technology group, also in the field of physics. The power supplies will be completely designed, manufactured, and tested in OCEM while MULTI ELECTRIC will take care of the customer support and service.

The Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) is building a new storage ring for its particle accelerator complex utilizing two L-Bend Magnets. ANL required the design, fabrication, testing, delivery, and acceptance of two L-Bend Magnet DC Power Supplies.

OCEM will design the two power supplies according to the technical specification, with a total power of 750 kW the M1 type, and a total power of 220 kW the M2 type. Both are required to have a DC output with an extreme output current and seven-day stability (peak-to-peak) of less than 5 ppm (part per million), which makes the design unique for such application.

Each power supply is designed to supply these electromagnets with 500 A of current at 1500 V, and 220 A at 1000 V. This, combined with a minimum efficiency of 90% at the full rating, increases the power saving enormously.

The Advanced Photon Source – Upgrade (APS-U) will improve the particle accelerator storage ring to reduce the electron-beam emittance by a factor of ~75x. This ultra-low emittance is achieved by replacing the present storage ring lattice with a multi-bend achromat (MBA) lattice. The MBA lattice will increase the x-ray coherent fraction by two orders of magnitude and decrease the horizontal source size by a factor of ~20x.

The new MBA lattice contains eighty M1 L-bend magnets and eighty M2 L-bend magnets. OCEM Power Electronics is delivering two L-bend DC power supplies for the M1 L-bend DC Power Supply – (DCL-500) and the M2 L-bend DC Power Supply – (DCL-220).

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